Ubuntu – How to apply the fixes suggested from the App Review Board to the app


I submitted my app to the Ubuntu Software Centre, and it just got reviewed by the Ubuntu App Review Board (ARB).

I got an e-mail suggesting some fixes, and I'm not sure about the next steps I should follow to fix my app.

Best Answer

First of all, read carefully what the reviewer is asking you to do on the e-mail. It will generally be either a request for information or a prompt to address some issues with your app.

In all cases:

  • Reply to the information request using the Feedback tab on your submission in My Apps
  • Optionally, if you don't receive a reply in a few days, send an e-mail reminder to the ARB mailing list.

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If the ARB has done some changes to your app, apply those changes:

  • Merge changes - The e-mail you got most probably contains a link to a branch with some suggested changes.
    • Run bzr merge lp:<branch-with-the-fixes> on your source tree to merge in the changes
    • Then commit them with the bzr commit command (or optionally quickly save if you use Quickly)
  • Build and upload a new package - Build a new package after you've applied the changes:
    • Run the debuild -S command in your source tree to build a local source package
    • Run dput ppa:yourusername/ppa ../projectname_*_source.changes to upload the local source package to your remote PPA in Launchpad
  • Give feedback Don't forget to reply in the Feedback tab as explained above