Ubuntu – Getting files to/from android phone


I am having trouble to access the filesystem on my phone (it's a samsung / google galaxy nexus). It just worked in previous version of Ubuntu, but now it appears empty whether it is mounted with MTP or PTP. I have followed a few guides on building and reinstalling libmtp etc without success. This answer did not help for me, either, and gMTP just hangs when I click the connect button. I know I can use wifi e.g. airdroid to access my photos, but this is too slow and a bit clumsy for me, and downloaded photos lose their original timestamps.

Has anyone had success connecting to this phone on 12.04 ??

Best Answer

As I wrote in this thread, there are several solutions.

Given that you don't have a rooted phone, you can't install Samba Filesharing and have traditional samba shares on your phone.

But looking at this thread, it seems that ASTRO File Manager plus its SMB Module can work even without root access (not tested by me, can't confirm). AirDroid could be another alternative to test.