Ubuntu – Can’t paste files onto Android phone


OS – Ubuntu 16.04, 64-bit.

I just bought a Moto G4. I plug the USB cable into my computer, then I go to Apps > Play Music, and it says, "Copy music to your phone with a USB cable." Suddenly, my computer recognizes the Moto G4 as an external drive, and opens a Nautilus window for it.

However, there appears to be nothing in /media/jps ("jps" being my user name). Screenshot. Also, when I try to hover over the folder name in Nautilus, it just gives the file directory for the location as "mtp://[usb:003,022]/.

When I try to copy-paste some .mp3 files onto the device, the paste option is grayed out on the right-click context menu. It's as though it thinks there's nothing on my clipboard. And of course, I can't just use cp in the terminal, because the device directory above is not actually a real directory on my computer that the terminal can recognize.

What's going on?

Best Answer

I touched the bar on the top of my smart phone screen, and it gave me the option of switching between USB modes – "charging", "file transfers (MTP)", "photo transfer (PTP)", and "MIDI". I switched from MTP to PTP, and suddenly I was able to paste files onto the device! So problem solved, I guess.

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