Ubuntu – Forcing Zeitgeist to index Dropbox folder


I am running Ubuntu 11.10, and I would like to force Zeitgeist to index my Dropbox folder. I understand that Zeitgeist is a passive service that logs particular events (such as opening or downloading files) for later searches, but I have large Dropbox folder that was downloaded without being logged by Zeitgeist.

Short of manually opening and closing all files in my Dropbox folder, is there a way to have Zeitgeist index this folder so that I can later search it using the dash? Thanks!

Best Answer

Zeitgeist is not an indexing service. For Dropbox transfers to appear inside Zeitgeist, the Dropbox client itself would have to tell Zeitgeist about the events. If you want all the files under there to appear in the dash search, you'll have to open them all, probably from the file manager, so that they get added to the Zeitgeist log.