Ubuntu – drag a window onto another workspace


I just updated to 11.04, now if I drag a window to the side of the workspace, the window is maximized to half of the screen. is there a way to move it to another workspace with the mouse?

I know you can right-click on the title and choose "move to Another Workspace", but I would like something quicker.

Best Answer

Simple way: Use workspace switcher and drag the window to your desired workspace.

Ideal way: install compizconfig-settings-manager (click HERE to install) and enable edge flipping.

After installing, invoke compizconfig-settings-manager with ccsm or by searching in Dash. Select Desktop Wall and in the Edge Flipping tab check "Edge Flip Move." The edge flipping tab of the Desktop Wall plugin lets you set three different types of edge flipping

Now you can drag windows between workspaces. (Note your pointer needs to press against the side of the workspace around the middle.) It takes a second before the viewport changes.

Compizconfig-settings-manager can also set keyboard shortcuts to move windows between workspaces: You can see my keyboard shortcuts for moving windows between workspaces -- note that I've remapped the dash to Super+space

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