Ubuntu – How to keep a window from overlapping into another workspace


It's annoying to me how if a window is even a couple pixels off the right edge of my screen, when I switch to that right workspace, the system thinks that the window is there. The unity launcher bar gets hidden because of it and switching to that window keeps you on the current workspace where you can't even see the window cause it's only a couple pixels.

KDE seems to do this much better where when you switch to another workspace, the window just isn't there. But well I don't want KDE. Any way of getting that same behavior without the switch?

Chromium appears both on workspaces on the top right and bottom right

Best Answer

There doesn't seem to exist an option to do that in Compiz.

You can install the CompizConfig Settings Manager (package compizconfig-settings-manager, program ccsm) and raise the Edge Resistance Distance in the Snap Window plugin options in the Window Management section:

enter image description here

This will help to prevent pushing a window outside of the screen. However, if you move the window too fast it won't be triggered, so it's no optimal solution.

Maybe this issue is worth a mail to the Ayatana mailing list? :-)

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