Ubuntu – Move the application to another workspace in XFCE


I added new item to my xfce4-panel with right-click -> Add New Items -> Workspace Switcher.

It's properties are:
Number of rows 1
checked : Switch workspaces using the mouse wheel
unchecked : Show workspace names

Do you know how to move a few applications to another workspace? I can't figure out how to add second workspace.

Thank you

Best Answer

In Xfce 4 you can define multiple workspaces by either adding a new wokspace switcher to the panel, as it has been done in the question, or by using the workplace switcher that is already installed in the lower right corner by default.

With a right click on this swicher you can select the switcher properties. Choose more than 1 row to have more than 1 workspace.

Moving applications to another workspace can be done with a right click on the application's top title bar and select Move to Another Workspace:

enter image description here

Number and names of workspaces can be defined in the Xfce 4 Settings Manager (from Applications -> Settings):

enter image description here