Outlook 2010 – Sending emails twice


When one of our user's email from Outlook 2010 (any workstation), it duplicates the sent item and the recipient receives it twice.

The 1st email sends fine with all of the content, but the second only keeps the subject line and has no content in the body of the email.

The sent items appear twice in the users Sent Items folder. I have tested sending using the Outlook WebApp and it doesn't duplicate the email. The user has no client rules setup either.

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Best Answer

I have a single customer with the same behaviors, The mailbox is an Exchange 2010 mailbox and the client software is Outlook 2010. We found that the user has sync'ed the mailbox to android tablet and iPhone. When the customer used either the tablet, iPhone or OWA to send emails, there was no duplication. We turned off both devices and the duplicate messages stopped sending. After about 3 weeks the problem reappeared. Turning off the devices for a short time resolved the issue again. There are no rules in the mailbox, hidden or otherwise. Creating a new profile does not fix.