HP PSC 1410 all scanner’s images are black


I have a HP PSC 1410 printer with scanner inside.

I've been scanning documents and images with it for the last couple of years.

Recently my scanner has stopped performing as excepted and i can't scan or copy images\documents.

My problem is that every images\document i'm trying to scan – the result from the printer is a black page.

I've been googling about this issue and couldn't find any helpful stuff beside replacing the whole printer – which is something i'm trying to avoid.

Any ideas ? I've read something about the shipping lock of the scanner but couldn't find any information about how to check it..

Best Answer

Step1: Uninstall HP Software (From cd)

Before performing below steps please unplug the USB cable or disconnect the network connection from printer.

a. Insert the cd into the cd drive then go to my computer

b. Right click on cd drive select explore

c. Click on util then open CCC file

d. Double click on “Uninstall_L3.bat” and then press enter in command window and follow the instruction

e. Restart the computer

Step 2:Reinstall HP software

Please visit this link for your solution. This may help you


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