Linux Scanner – Weird Noise While Scanning with Canon Lide 35


I'm trying to scan a bunch of images, using xsane's scanimage :

scanimage --format=tiff --batch --batch-prompt

This command scans the first picture perfectly, but as soon as I press enter, the scanner makes a weird noise, and the scanning "arm" moves very, very slowly.

If I stop scanimage and start again, it scans normally again.

Is there another scanimage option that I need to add? I've checked the man page, but can't see what I'm missing.

Edit: the problem seems to be that the scanning "arm" doesn't go back to it's original position after the first scan.

Best Answer

I've found this link,, where the guy has the same problem :

leads to the optical array moving very slowly and the motor making lots of noise while doing so (after scanning the first page). Interrupting the scan (CTRL-C) doesn't help, one has to unplug the scanner.

It seems to be a libsane bug, fixed in the next version.

Ok thanks.

I've got to stop answering my own questions. :)

EDIT : Got it to work by downloading the following packages from the next version of Ubuntu :

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