DIY: how to make double-layer install DVD



  • online repo (official) is more than 20GB — I have access to it
  • downloadable DVD is for single layer disks — I have access to it
  • boxed openSUSE DVD is double layer — I do NOT have access to it

Is it possible and if yes — how — to make this double-layer DVD on your own? Legally of course.

Best Answer

Yes, legally.

The OpenSuSE Build Factory lists all the packages available from OpenSUSE. All packages are Open Source and free to download, so you may assemble enough content to fill a bootable double-layer DVD.

The openSUSE KIWI Image Wiki has tutorials on how to do that, and the manual is on line at Open Build Service Reference Guide.

As to obtaining the boxed set, well, the only boxed set I saw was in German as confirmed at . One disc is a LiveDVD and the other the 'biarch' DVD. You can download both from and then combine the two into an ISO large enough to fill a dual-layer DVD, but do you need biarch files?