XRDP – How to Change Keyboard Layout in XRDP


When I open an xrdp session from a Windows 7 machine to my Ubuntu machine, US keyboard layout is utilized. However, my default keyboard layout is different on Ubuntu machine and I want to use it during xrdp sessions. How can I fix this?

Best Answer

if you have installed xrdp, you should have te xrdp-genkeymap installed on your system. the utility will be located under /etc/xrdp folder

To change keyboard layout, you need indeed to issue the xrdp-genkeymap command. The command has to be run locally on the ubuntu machine and not from the xrdp session.
issue the following command to use us layout keyboard during your xrdp session sudo xrdp-genkeymap /etc/xrdp/km-0409.ini

If you need other language layout, you have to find the correct km-xxx.ini file

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