Ubuntu – Ubuntu 12.04 via xrdp keyboard layout cannot change


I have a virtually hosted ubuntu server 12.04 on which I installed Unity desktop. It all works fine except the only keyboard option I have is "US". This could be due to the fact that ubuntu server was installed with US keyboard (by the virtual machine provider).

I want the keyboard layout to be Canadian-French. I cannot change the keyboard layout from the GUI/Desktop see pic.

I have the feeling I need to install new layouts, perhaps using apt-get something! (noob)

SO the questions could be how to add new layouts? (I have root btw)

enter image description here

Best Answer

Replace keyboard mapping using:

 xrdp-genkeymap /etc/xrdp/km-040c.ini

If this doesn't work, then replace the content of the file /etc/xrdp/km-0409.ini (default keyboard mapping en-us) by this xrdp-genkeymap /etc/xrdp/km-040c.ini (french). You can find keyboard mapping for other languages in the doc, or create your own using:

sudo setxkbmap -layout 'ca' -model logitech_base

Check the help for the command above.