Ubuntu – workspace switching via ctrl + alt + arrow not working after upgrade to 13.04, how to fix this?


So, my update to 13.04 didn't go very well. Due to the lack of a decent driver (Yes, i'm unlucky to have a legacy driver which doesn't play nice with the new Xorg.), I had to mess around with stuff to first troubleshoot and afterwards "fix" my system.

I've finally got unity back, but now CtrlAltarrow and CtrlAltShiftarrow don't work anymore. They are bound in "keyboard" > "shortcuts", but nothing happens when I try it. A strange thing is that other keyboard shortcuts, like ctrlaltt to show terminal are still working.

I noticed that CtrlAltarrow doesn't show in the list with "unity shortcuts" (the list that shows when you hold the super key).

Does anyone know how to re-enable this way of workspace switching?

I enabled workspaces in the appearance menu. It doesn't have any effect though. Switching via the workspace-switcher in the unity dash works fine though.

CCSM is installed, but I can't seem to find a way to add keyboard bindings there.

System: ubuntu 13.04 64bit

Best Answer

I had this same issue. I enabled workspace from Appearance → Behavior, and also tried using Ubuntu Tweak, but no go on the keyboard shortcuts, even though all the defaults were there.

I then opened CCSM to make sure that the Desktop Wall was enabled. In my case it wasn't, and as soon as I enabled it, my keyboard shortcuts started working again.