Ubuntu – Which application do you recommend for watching TV (DVB)?


At the moment I use Me TV. Are there other good programs to watch and record TV in Ubuntu?

Best Answer

VLC Install vlc

I'm using VLC. It works pretty good for what I do. Pause/resume feature works out of the box.

You will have to scan for channels first. Use w_scan (install it if necessary) and launch the following command :

w_scan -c FR -X > channels.conf

Replace FR with your country (w_scan -c ? to get the list). Now, each time you want to watch the tv, just launch this command :

vlc channels.conf

You can start recording with Shift+R, again to stop it. Pause a live program with Space.

There is a good wiki about DVB in french : http://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/tnt (has a list of compatible hardware).


Other softwares are kaffeine Install kaffeine, totem Install totem, gxine Install gxine and mplayer Install mplayer but I don't use them.

I used to use Kaffeine but dropped it for vlc because I had some issues. Just retested it and it seems to work nicely. It is a good program for recording (instant or scheduled record as you want). Maybe should I reconsider my actual choice for watching DVB...