Ubuntu – Any good application for data usage monitor


I was wondering if there are any good applications to monitor how much data I use on my laptop in a month. My net connection has a restriction of how much data I can use after which the speed goes down considerably. I saw ntop, but I just wanted to ask if there are any other good options or suggestions regarding this.

Best Answer

I was in a similar situation, but with slow speeds after a certain amount of data usage is reached (now I have a 16 GB 12 Mbit plan ☺) and I used vnstat (package vnstat). It's a command-line app that displays the bandwidth usage for today and previous days. as soon as it is installed, it will start monitoring the usage.

Usage: run vnstat to view the statistics, vnstat -d for viewing daily usage. Add -i wlan0 to the previous command if you are using a wireless network. See the manual page for it by running man vnstat for more information.