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As a dedicated Ubuntu server or as a VPS, I am looking for a web control panel, something like cPanel which is something like a web administrator for a server.

I have not used any on Linux since I do everything through the terminal, but still want to know what I can use in the case I have to recommend Ubuntu Server with such an application installed.

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Here is a list of free and paid control panels that are available for Ubuntu server

Free CPanel Alternatives


web://cp was where it all seems to have started for much of the open source world. It was written in php and the aim of it's single developer was to make a good quality control panel.

web-cp is an Open Source solution taking up the torch where web://cp stopped and is a direct continuation of that project. Like the original this is written in php and so should put little additional stress on a server. This might be good for you if your server is a little lacking in the power needed to run piles of additional software.


FlexCP is an Open Source solution and so is likely to improve in proportion to the number of users. It can be obtained under the GNU GPL version 2 from sourceforge.net. It is a redevelopment of "web://cp" and as of writing had not released any file packages.

Cube Panel Lite

This is the stripped down version of the non-free Cube Panel. Being closed source there is a lot less that can be easily researched on the subject. I can however tell you that you will be limited to one server and 30 domains. After that yo will be looking for an upgrade or another free alternative.


VHCS is an open source solution released under the Mozilla Public License 1.1 (MPL 1.1) and it appears to be a live and ready to go open source solution. For mission critical servers this might be the choice of system for this reason only. It is a sourceforge.net project so downloading should be simple even if installation is not.

And of course


Webmin is a free and impressive looking suit of control panel packages. It is free and open source solution licensed under the BSD License according to sourceforge.net. Much like the Fedora and Red Hat relationship there is a non-free version too. The GNU GPL is also used which is a bit confusing for the fussy.

Non-Free CPanel Alternatives


After CPanel this is possibly the next biggest system used.

Cube Panel

While "not at all" playing off the CPanel naming this is a commercially viable package. Like CPanel there are three levels of management allowing for reseller accounts but also like CPanel you are going to pay for this. The key advantage here is that you an get a free 20 day trail version to test out prior to purchase. You may also find that the "lite" version has everything you need.

Ensim pro

Direct Admin

While "not a free offering" the lifetime unlimited license is a mere US$299 which, right now, is arround UKĀ£147 (give or take a bit). This comes with 90 days of support which should be enough to get you up and running. Alternatively you can pay by the month for ongoing support.

Virtualmin Pro

The pay for, super "pro" version of webmin's virtualmin for those that want all the power. The webmin site says "Both the Pro and GPL versions are built from the same codebase, so all bugfixes and some new features go into both of them."



ServerPilot is a SaaS control panel for developers hosting their websites on Ubuntu servers. The basic server configuration and security functionality is free. The paid plans offer advanced features and monitoring.


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