Ubuntu – Recommendation of web server admin control panel (free, open source, deb package)


I'm looking for:

  • a safe/secure web admin control panel for a web server
  • preferably free and open source
  • in official repositories or at least with regular updates and an easy way to update to newer versions
  • allows email and username creation (preferably if it allows to choose sftp-only/ssh+sftp access)
  • supports configuring email aliases and forwarding

For example, I saw that DTC (Domain technologie control) is (or better said, was) included in debian, but not in Debian stable/testing and Ubuntu 12.04 because of recent security issues.

What's the recommended admin control panel for Ubuntu servers?

Best Answer

Sounds like you are looking for something like Webmin or usermin.

It will make tasks easier for you but it can make things too easy and if you don't know what you are doing on the back end, you may never know. Security wise as will most of these type of control panels there will be bugs so you'll have to restrict access and stay up on patches

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