Ubuntu – What desktop environments can group window icons in the taskbar like Windows 7

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I find it much faster to identify a window in the taskbar (window list) by its icon,

taskbar with icon only

rather than by its text:

taskbar with icon and text

The problem with most graphical interfaces I've switched among is that they don't group windows, and if you have more terminals or file managers, they'll just clutter the taskbar and you won't know which is which. Windows 7 offers a relatively elegant solution to this by grouping similar window icons together.

Question: What Linux desktop environments have this functionality? If addons exist that provide it, that's alright.

For reference, a Cinnamon applet that sort of does this is Window List With App Grouping.

Best Answer

Unity's launcher groups windows belonging to one application in the same icon.

Four icons from Unity's launcher

For example, in this screenshot, I have two Firefox windows open, and one Thunderbird window open. The Firefox icon in the launcher has two corresponding arrows on the left to indicate this, and the Thunderbird icon has one arrow. If I click the Firefox icon, I can choose between its two windows, which are immediately rearranged and laid out on the screen.

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