Ubuntu – Uninstall Android Studio completely


I installed Android studio some time ago using the following suggested method:

To set up Android Studio on Linux:

Unpack the downloaded Tar file,
android-studio-ide–linux.zip, into an appropriate location
for your applications. To launch Android Studio, navigate to the
android-studio/bin/ directory in a terminal and execute studio.sh. You
may want to add android-studio/bin/ to your PATH environmental
variable so that you can start Android Studio from any directory.
Follow the links to install the SDK outside of the Android Studio

For whatever reason it has become corrupt and insists I must un-install and re-install. I can't for the life of me find how to un-install it however.

I didn't use apt-get so I can't do apt-get remove.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Best Answer

I would suggest to check the installation directory for a readme or an uninstall script but in general: do what you did to install it in reverse order and delete everything you added as a setting or as a file on your system related to that installation.

Installations done with a tar file are mosttimes uninstalled with the rm command. You go to the directory where you went for this: "Unpack the downloaded Tar file, android-studio-ide--linux.zip, into an appropriate location for your applications" and rm the files and directories created here.

If you did "You may want to add android-studio/bin/ to your PATH environmental" too you will need to undo this alteration by deleting android-studio/bin/ from the file you added this PATH too.