Unicode – Nepali Unicode Error in Ubuntu 16.04


After installing ubuntu 16.04, I am facing proper reading and writing of Nepali Unicode. Half letters are not get mixed as they should be. If I have to write प्र , श्र , त्र and so on..it gets error. Previously working in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.
As my main WORKING LANGUAGE is Nepali, it's annoying. If the problem persists, I've to go back to ubuntu 14.04. I wish fast help.

P.S: I've updated language support.

Best Answer

There is a fonts related bug in Ubuntu 16.04.

For instance, in previous Ubuntu versions the package ttf-devanagari-fonts was installed when you installed the Nepali language. However, that package is not available in the Ubuntu archive for 16.04. The replacement package, which ought to provide the necessary fonts for Nepali, is fonts-deva.

So, Bishal, it would be great if you could install fonts-deva from the Ubuntu archive, and confirm that it provides the fonts needed for a correct rendering of Nepali.

When the bug has been fixed, fonts-deva will automatically be installed when the Nepali language is installed.

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