Ubuntu – Unable to uninstall Wine apps


I recently ran the iTunes 10 installer in Wine and everything seemed to go well. Then, when I tried to run it, it would constantly crash/and the appearance would be glitchy. After looking at the Wine website, it turns out that iTunes 10 has a 'garbage' rating of Wine compatability.

Now I'm trying to remove/uninstall iTunes, QuickTime, and the other applications that come default with installing iTunes (such as Bonjour, etc.).
However, when I run the 'uninstaller' that wine provides for the programs, it instead executes what appears to actually be the original installer!
I've tried deleting all the configuration/data files in my Wine's file-system, but to no avail.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

After re-running the uninstall process and then rebooting, the program (iTunes 10) still remained installed.

Best Answer

Wine apps often leave a lot of junk, for example, menu items over .doc files after installing Microsoft Office. To remove it, you have to:

rm .local/share/applications/wine-extension-*

To remove menu entries you have to edit:


And, right click on file you want to remove bad menu entries from, and choose Properties. On the 4th tab you can delete unnecessary entries.

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