Ubuntu – Uninstall a program installed with Wine


I am using Ubuntu 11.10. By using wine software i installed some software like nimbuzz and ibibo messenger. Both the programs are not working and showing the bug as We're sorry, but an unknown error has caused ibibo Messenger to close.

So I wanna uninstall those.

How to uninstall those type of programs which I installed through Wine?

Best Answer

Type in a terminal or press Alt+F2 and type wine uninstaller will give you access to the built in Add/Remove tool from wine. From there you can uninstall a program you have installed in a bottle.

To completely remove the bottle for your user (and thus remove everything from a wine bottle and start again) you can open a terminal and type rm -rf ~/.wine or as an alternative open Nautilus and in your home folder press Ctrl+H, locate the .wine folder and delete it. wine will create a new folder next time you try to use it.

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