Ubuntu – Unable to login to account in ubuntu 18.04 vmware workstation 15, after update


I installed the latest updates from the software update center today (I update when ubuntu displays a notification), restarted the machine and now it's unable to boot properly. The best screen I can get is displayed below. If I resize the screen then it goes to black. If I restart the machine then it displays just purple.

The screen I get after updating ubuntu

Note that the screen is unresponsive, I can't click anything on it.

Other than SMBus Host Controller not enabled! I don't see any other warnings. Note that I don't know if this warning existed before the update.

I'm running ubuntu 18.04 in vwmare workstation 15 player (latest update).
Any ideas on how to begin debugging this?

Update: Trying to boot Ubuntu, with Linux 4.15.0-50-generic instead of Ubuntu, with Linux 4.15.0-51-generic didn't help.

Update: Blacklisting i2c-piix4 according to this answer didn't remove the warning or fix the issue.

Update: Blacklisting i2c-piix4 according to this answer removed the warning but didn't fix the issue.

Update: The answer from Uzair helped me log into the account (run dpkg and update grub from recovery mode).

Answer: This answer helped me fully to resolve the issue. I don't understand the fix. If anyone does, put it as the answer and I'll mark it as such.

Regarding duplicity: The answer from another question did solve my issue but I don't think my question is a duplicate of that one. I began with a fresh install of 18.04 a few months ago, did several updates without an issue and only today experienced issues which are different than those described in the other question. I think we experienced different bugs with wayland and we both solved it by disabling it which is a destructive solution applicable to many questions.

Best Answer

The issue is with Wayland. While Ubuntu defaults to an X11 session, for some reason they left it enabled for GDM.

You can certainly replace GDM with LightDM, but an easier option would be to:

sudo nano /etc/gdm3/custom.conf

Then change the line:




Press Ctrl+O and then Ctrl+X and reboot. If you don't wish to reboot you can do

sudo systemctl restart gdm

Which will restart your windows session (this assumes ssh into the box to fix as above).

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