Ubuntu – Ubuntu freeze on boot purple screen


After a day of restarting my computer i finally given up.
I had Ubuntu 18.10 installed and worked perfectly and then i got the upgrade prompt and upgraded to 19.04. The upgrade crashed and after that the system was still booting except 80% of the time. Most of the boots resulted in a purple screen and that is all. I tried everything on the web and nothing seams to work. It is very very random. Couldn't find a way to see where it hangs. The frozen boots fo not appear in the journal.
If i try to boot the recovery both messages appear so loads the kernel and the other thing and then it hangs.
I reinstalled Ubuntu 18.10 (with updates) and had the same problem.
I did the upgrade (which this time worked) to 19.04 and same problem.
Now I installed Ubuntu 18.04.2 without any updates and i got it working 4/4 boots.
I did the updates 400ish mb of updates and then started doing the same thing with the purple screen.
I reinstalled the 18.04.2 and didn't do the updates.

I have no other options than to hope.. I have a Zenbook UX433FA and dualboot with Windows. I guess it is one of the packages that gets updated on 18.04.2 but i don't know which one.

Thank you.

edit: before the 18.10 reinstall i did a fresh reinstall of 19.04

Best Answer

If you already reinstalled Ubuntu a few times, then I guess you don't need to upgrade it. You should make a fresh 19.04 installation instead, which is safer than an upgrade.

After fresh installation you should also change /etc/default/grub options, to see more messages and errors on your script while booting the system.

Please edit /etc/default/grub and remove quiet splash flags from GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT.

sudo editor /etc/default/grub

Then repleace:




and update grub with:

sudo update-grub2

Then when you're stuck you can take a picture of your screen with a smartphone, upload it to i.e. imgur.com and share it in your question, if it shows any errors.

Another thing you may want to try is to use nomodeset option for safe graphics option.

However as I said it's better to remove quiet splash options, so you can see logs during boot, that may help resolving the problem.