Ubuntu – Ubuntu 19.04 stuck on boot


I have an Asus Zenbook 14 with graphics card: Intel Corporation Device [8086:3ea0].

I tried to install ubuntu 19.04 but I'm getting stuck on boot with a purple screen. The install disk also got stuck on a black screen which I fixed by using the 'nomodeset' bypass but it won't work once installed.

Things I tried:

I've gone through hours of these questions and no answer seems to work. I've done all the 'nomodeset' and similar. I have also tried installing Ubuntu 18.10 (which worked) and then upgrading to 19.04 which lead to the same issue. Please note that for some reason, using nomodeset in a specific place worked once, so I know the operating system works fine, but once powered off, I retried the exact same thing and it failed again.

Thanks in advanced.

Best Answer

Following worked for me. Very simple but effective till now:

  1. Open terminal with Ctrl+Alt+T

  2. Type sudo gedit /etc/gdm3/custom.conf

  3. Type the password when prompted. (It will not be visible while typing.) edit the file and remove '#' located at the beginning of the following line (its 7th line)

    #Wayland = false
  4. So now the line will look like this - Wayland = false

  5. Save and close the window

  6. Exit and restart