Ubuntu – Ubuntu 18.04 Touchscreen Kiosk – Disable Multi-Touch Gestures


I'm running a kiosk touchscreen through Chromium. I've got it setup so that a Chromium application is running with the --kiosk flag, which prevents access to the OS.

The problem I have is with the multi-touch gestures. The gestures I would like to disable for GNOME are listed here and are 3 and 4 touch gestures. These gestures allow users to exit the Chromium kiosk application, which is obviously not what a user should be able to do.

My question is, how do I disable these multi-touch gestures?

If possible I would like to enable/disable these multi-touch gestures from the command line as part of my startup script.

Edit: I've recorded a video demonstration of the multi-touch gesture if the Ubuntu multi-touch document wasn't clear.

Best Answer

It seems these gestures cannot be disabled with gsettings.

However, the Gnome Shell Extension "Disable Gestures" worked perfectly for me.

Automated Installation

I recently added an installation command to gnome-shell-extension-tool. This is not merged into upstream yet. But the whole tool is just a single Python 3 script. So you can simply download and use my patched version of the file and run the following to install and enable disable-gestures@mattbell.com.au:

# Download extension
wget "https://extensions.gnome.org/extension-data/disable-gestures%40mattbell.com.au.v2.shell-extension.zip"

# Install extension
gnome-shell-extension-tool -i disable-gestures@mattbell.com.au.*.zip

# Enable extension
gnome-shell-extension-tool -e disable-gestures@mattbell.com.au