Ubuntu – Help to disable the multi-touch gestures in 14.04


Does anyone know how to disable the multi-touch gestures for the touch-pad, specifically the application switcher and Unity launcher?

I have a Asus C710 Chromebook with Ubuntu 14.04 installed natively. When I have more than two fingers on the touch-pad, which happens if i'm scrolling or editing, the application switcher and/or unity launcher take me away from the window i'm on. This has become an extreme annoyance, I have already disabled the application switcher in Compiz, but it still appears.

Best Answer

From the terminal, run synclient to view all touch-pad properties.

Now, according to the official touch-pad support docs in order for multi-touch gestures to work, the touch-pad property ClickFinger3 must equal 0. So we will do the exact opposite:

synclient ClickFinger3=2
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