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I installed the latest version of Ubuntu (17.10) , but the problem is, I can't find the menu bars of applications in the GNOME panel. For instance, the Chrome menu bar doesn't appear on the panel like in Ubuntu 17.04 and earlier versions.

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You may try a GNOME shell extension called "Gnome Global Application Menu(HUD for Gnome)". It provides a global application menu (i.e. menu bar of an application window in the top bar) à la Unity's global menu.

enter image description here
(screenshot source: extension's homepage at extensions.gnome.org)

For detailed info you may visit the extension's GitHub page.

Warning: Performance may not be as smooth as Unity's global menu. See this if you want to deactivate/uninstall the extension correctly.

Current status and future of the extension

It will work for the next 6 month at less, as i'm waiting for the release of ubuntu 18.04 to take a desition of what i will do. If the default session of ubuntu 18.04 will be xorg i will continue with the extension for 6 month more. Also, if ubuntu or gnome developers fix or help to fix unity-gtk-module in wayland i will continue the extension. What i will not do is continues making improvements, because this have not sense if will not work on Wayland. Also if the ubuntu developers want to implemented it i will donate the extension to hims and i will help in what is needed. - the developer, 27 Oct 2017

Update: The extension has been discontinued by its original developer. Please consider not using this extension.

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