Ubuntu – Remove title-bar of all maximized windows in GNOME 3


(Ubuntu 13.04 with GNOME Shell, upgraded, GNOME version 3.8)

Recently, I upgraded Ubuntu to 13.04. the default desktop is gnome-shell.

Except Nautilus, other software border doesn't disappear when I make them to be maximized. I checked the problem for these software:

  • LibreOffice
  • Firefox
  • Rhythmbox
  • thunderbird
  • GNOME-Terminal

On the other hand there are three bars on maximized mode:

  1. GNOME Shell panel

  2. Title-bar for software which contains + x (minimise, maximise, close) buttons.

  3. Software menu-bar

    Number "2" is extra. Is a package missing?

Best Answer

There's a much easier way than editing config files - simply add Pixel saver extension to get rid of the title bar and reclaim your screen space.

It has the added benefit that you still get maximise/minimise buttons but these are now stowed away in the top panel.

I previously used Maximus but this seemed to break with gnome 3.8 - Maximus also use to give me issues with pop-up calendars for my bank but this extension play nicely with that too.

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