Ubuntu – Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty on Nvidia Titan X Pascal: cannot install


Home-made PC, reasonably new CPU and motherboard. Previously I had a Geforce GTX 750 Ti. With the GTX 750 Ti, I was able to install 14.04. The open source drivers worked just fine. Installing the Nvidia proprietary driver was also fine. The 750 also worked great on Win 7 and Win 10.

I've replaced the GTX 750 Ti with a Titan X Pascal (the 2016 model). Trying to boot into the previously installed Linux seemed fine until it switched from text mode to graphics mode – then all I got was a blank screen. That was with the Nvidia proprietary driver installed.

Ok, no problem, I was planning to reinstall anyway.

So I'm booting the 14.04 installer, and I have the same issue. All goes well until it's switching from text mode to graphics mode. Then the screen goes blank. Selecting "try without install" doesn't help – I have the same issue. With the installer, this is an issue with the driver that comes with the installer (probably different from the Nvidia proprietary driver).

I can't even install the OS with the new graphics card.

The graphics card works just fine on the same system under Windows 10. The system is connected to a TV screen (1920 x 1080) regardless of the OS it's booting.

Please note installing a newer OS (such as 16.04) is not an option, since this system will be used for machine learning, and some libraries and tools have not been ported yet to 16.04. So I must solve this issue with 14.04.

Any suggestion is appreciated – I'm stumped.

Best Answer

NVIDIA have a 64-bit Linux driver on their site for this card. What you may have to do is install (from the command line) either:

  • nvidia-367
  • nvidia-367-updates
  • the package you download from Nvidia (try wget)

I believe nvidia-current isn't an option, as that seems to be version 304, whereas you need version 367 or better. See this related question, pay special attention about adding a PPA, blacklisting nouveau, and do try ubuntu-drivers.