Ubuntu – Tor Browser Launcher does not download Tor Browser


I have installed Tor Browser Launcher:

sudo apt-get install torbrowser-launcher

but when I try to run Tor Browser the download always fail:

Tor Browser failed download screenshot

Note: other downloads finish properly and I can correctly verify signatures, so apparently there is problem with Tor Browser download rather than attack on the system.

For your info here is Tor Browser Launcher config:

Tor Browser Launcher settings

Best Answer

i got the same thing but never explored why or how to fix. I had ubuntu.podcast playing at the moment I got the error where they were talking about the "software boutique", so I gave it a try and presto - i had tor browser installed. if no-one else can answer as to a fix; you could always try my lazy-ass work-around

[software boutique is a new-ish [ubuntu-mate] ubuntu-software-centre that contains common or best-in-class type apps, skipping many less-used ones]

addendum: if trying this, un-install current version first; as I was left with two menu items & icons (one for fully-installed by boutique, and other failed by apt-get); so its probably quicker to have none-installed first instead of working out which is which to un-install the partially-installed-one..

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