Ubuntu – This install icon on the launcher on the installed system


I'm using the 11.10 version since the RC which I used to update every time an update is issued. The final release is now out and I still see the "Install RELEASE" icon on the dock. If I install all the updates the normal way (through the update manager) what would be my system status: the final release or just an updated RC? Do I have to re-launch the installer from that icon to get the release (knowing that I'll have to re-do every step the installer requires)?

Here is an amateur made screenshot of the icon I'm talking about:

enter image description here

If I'm missing something please guide me. Thanks.

Best Answer

You should not have the Install icon anywhere on the installed system, regardless of whether it was a beta, an RC or the final release. The installer and associated packages are usually removed at the end of installation.

Try removing ubiquity with

sudo apt-get purge ubiquity*

Ubiquity is the Ubuntu installer. Instead of being removed, for reasons unknown, it must have been retained after the installation. Removing its packages manually seems to be a logical step.