Ubuntu – Force Kubuntu Installer To Use Nvidia Driver, Not Nouveau


Is there an alternate install routine for Kubuntu 12.04 that would force the installer to use the Nvidia driver rather than Nouveau?

I ask because I've installed KDE-Full on Ubuntu 12.04 and like it. I may decide to install Kubuntu.

However, the kernel currently on the Ubuntu install images will cause a crash almost immediately after installation begins — before Grub runs — that appears to be triggered when X attempts to launch Nouveau. Here, the machine locks up and requires a power toggle.

To install Ubuntu 12.04, I had to install 11.10, ensure the Nvidia driver was installed and Nouveau blacklisted, and then dist-upgrade to 12.04.

I don't want to do that if I decide to install Kubuntu. Hence, I'm looking for a way to get the installer to use the Nvidia driver. Or, an install method that avoids the entire issue until the Nvidia driver can be installed.

Best Answer

You can't make it use the nvidia proprietary driver, but you can force it not to use nouveau by selecting the "nomodeset" option during boot.

The Live CD allows you to press a key at boot-up then press F6 (if I recall correctly) to set boot options, and "nomodeset" should be one of them.

That should cause the Live CD to use a fallback VESA graphics mode. It will look dodgy, but it should work, and once you have installed Ubuntu you can then install the nVidia driver.

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