Ubuntu – Why the ubuntu 16.04 LTS suddenly become very slow


I installed ubuntu 16.04 LTS in Oct. last year on my newly bought HP Envy i7-6700 CPU (x64-based 3.4GHz 4-core 8 -processors, 16 GB ram, 2TB hard drive), it was running OK until just before the X-mas holidays when it became very slow, some times grey window frame. It seems stuck somewhere.

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As the other answer, my solution was to disable SpeedStep on the BIOS. I found out that the my cpu was running slower. My CPU should run at 1800MHz, but is was running at 1000MHz. You can see the current CPU speed using several shell commands, e.g:



cat /proc/cpu

It seems there was a problem with my charger and that made Ubuntu put the CPU into low consumption mode.

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