Ubuntu – Discord suddenly very slow


I updated some programs yesterday, and Discord is suddenly very slow and stuttering. It is only that program, nothing else is affected. The size of the window is a factor as well, if I resize it to be small, the window runs smoothly. This is especially notable if someone posts media in Discord such as a Youtube-link, where it will run very slowly as long as it's windowed in Discord. However, fullscreening it will make it run at full speed with no problems.

Where would I start to find out why it's suddenly running so slow?

Best Answer

I did not find what caused the slowdowns, but I did a manual downgrade to temporarily fix the problem.

I removed the program through Ubuntu Software, and installed it manually using a .deb of a earlier build, which was available on Discord's own website. The slowdowns are completely gone. I have reported the bug to Discord through their own channels.

EDIT: Discord has 0.0.8, which was a version before the slowdown troubles, on their site: https://discordapp.com/api/download?platform=linux&format=deb

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