Ubuntu – The indicator icon of Copy.com disappeared or the menu is unreadable


Copy.com is a commercial service offering free space (much like Dropbox and, once, UbuntuOne). Starting with version 13.10 and continuing with 14.04, two bugs plague the Copy.com application on Ubuntu (see this thread):

  1. sometimes, the application indicator is not at all visible
  2. even if it is visible, the menu is not readable (no menu entries except for one or two), like this:

enter image description here

How can I get rid of these two bugs?

Best Answer

Update: a work-around was added in the Copy client so the instructions below are no longer needed if you use the latest Copy!

The Copy.com client indicator menu doesn't work properly in Ubuntu 14.04 and 13.10 due to a bug in libdbusmenu.

This bug was fixed in Ubuntu 14.10 and I'm not sure when it will be fixed in older Ubuntu versions but you can get the Copy.com indicator menu to work right now in Ubuntu 14.04 and 13.10 by using the fix / work-around below.

First of all: be sure to delete Copy versions eventually installed manually.


cd /tmp
wget https://github.com/hotice/webupd8/raw/master/libdbusmenu-gtk-$(arch).tar.gz
tar -xvf libdbusmenu-gtk*
sudo cp /tmp/libdbusmenu-gtk*/* /PATH/TO/COPY-FOLDER/

The instructions above will download libdbusmenu-gtk compiled with the fix and copy it to the copy-client folder. For the last command, replace "/PATH/TO/COPY-FOLDER/" with the path to where you've installed Copy. If you've used the Copy PPA, the path is /opt/copy-client/

This work-around / fix includes libdbusmenu-gtk built by me. If you want to build it yourself, see HERE.

via WebUpd8

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