Ubuntu – the equivalent terminal command to ipconfig /all

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In windows I can use ipconfig /all and this displays all the info about my connection.

In terminal using ifconfig does not and only supplies limited info. I can use network manager, but it would be useful to know the command line alternative.

So my question is: what is the command line to supply ip address, gateway, subnet mask, DNS the same way ipconfig /all supplies in Windows.

Thanks all

Best Answer

The only thing missing from ifconfig are the gateway and DNS servers.

15.04 and newer

To get the DNS and Gateway info just type:

nmcli dev show eth0

The output lists some device parameters including some IP4.DNS[x] entries, which show the DNS servers and a IP4.ADDRESS[1] line which lists the IP and Gateway used (look for the gw = ???.???.???.??? part at the end of the line up to 15.10). On 16.04 and newer versions there is a IP4.GATEWAY line which is pretty self explanatory.

Replace eth0 with the actual device name you're using, which may not be the same. To get a list of devices and their status type:

nmcli dev status

Up to and including 14.10

You can get these with nm-tool (in Ubuntu versions prior to 15.04) which BTW is the command line version of network manager.

To run it just type in a terminal:


If you're using Ubuntu 15.04 or newer the nm-tool has been replaced by the nmcli command which is different. Check the section called "15.04 and newer" above this one in this case.