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I have share-it software in windows O/S and android phone both. Using this software I can easily transfer my file over Wi-Fi.
Is there any software like share-it in Ubuntu 14.04, where I can transfer my file at android phone using wifi.

Best Answer

Using FTP

Here is another way to easily transfer files between your laptop and Android phone.



  1. If both your Android and Ubuntu are connected to the same WiFi (same LAN), skip to step 3. Otherwise, create a WiFi hotspot on your Android:

    settings -> "wireless & networks" -> more

    enable hotspot

  2. Connect your laptop to this WiFi network.

    connect to hotspot

  3. Open ES File Explorer and open left-side menu.

    open menu

  4. Go to Network -> Remote Manager

    network -> remote manager

  5. Turn on the FTP Server and note down the IP:port address

    turn on FTP

    get IP address and port

  6. Open Nautilus file explorer on Ubuntu. In connect to URL, type your phone's FTP server URL (from the previous step) and click on Connect

    connect to FTP server in Nautilus

  7. If you need, You can set user name and password in ES File Explorer. By default, It will be public (anonymous).

    access settings in ES

  8. In your PC, click on Connect. You can use the username and password that you set in ES File Explorer and connect as registered user.

    log in to FTP server

  9. Now the internal memory of your phone is mounted. You can copy new files, remove files, do anything.

    Phone storage mounted in Nautilus

    If you wish to mount your SD card, you can set that in ES File Explorer settings.