Ubuntu – How to access the Android’s files using Wi-Fi in Ubuntu


Both my Ubuntu and Android phone are using the same Wi-Fi. How can I transfer files between the phone and the PC? Is there any way to mount the Android file system? I don't want to use the USB cable. Bluetooth doesn't work. So WiFi is the only other option.

The Android version is Jelly Bean and Ubuntu is 12.04 LTS.

Best Answer

There is a free application on the Google Play store called Software Data Cable:

Once you've installed it, turn on your WiFi connection and launch the app.

Tap on the "start service" button.

It creates a FTP server on the android device that lets you connect from any computer by opening the resource:


where 192.168.1.xxx is the IP address of your device.

You can now copy/paste files over WiFi from/to your android device.

PS - on ubuntu 18.04 get into nautilus and hit + Other Locations then at bottom enter ftp URL above into Connect to Server