Ubuntu – Selecting text in the terminal without using the mouse

command linegnome-terminalshortcut-keystext;

I am about to press enter to run a command in terminal, but before doing that, I want to copy the command to clipboard without using the mouse.


If you're somewhere other than the terminal, Ctrl+Home does it.

Is there a way of arbitrarily selecting text like that in the terminal?


  • assume that using other programs like screen is not a good alternative
  • the text is to be pasted outside the terminal, so Ctrl+y and similar sequences do not solve it either

Best Answer

Bind following shortcut:

bind '"\C-p": "\C-e\C-u xsel <<"EOF"\n\C-y\nEOF\n\C-y"'

Now after using Crtl+P your line will be copied into clipboard. You can paste it in terminal using:


And into any X application using middle mouse button or Shift+Insert.