Ubuntu – text highlighting (select to copy) stopped working in the terminal

clipboardcommand linecopypastetext;

I have a weird effect in one workstation: suddenly, the system does not allow me to copy text from a terminal to paste it somewhere else by simpling selecting it.

I can still paste into the terminal the text that I select in other windows. The problem is restricted to copying by selection from the terminal.

Also, I am aware of the ctrl+shift+v/ctrl+shift+c key shortcuts. They do work fine, and so does copying and pasting with right clicks of the mouse after selecting text and then clicking "Copy" or "Paste" in the menu. However, I want to recover the misteriously gone ability of copying text from the terminal by selecting it…

Thanks for any suggestions!

Best Answer

This might be a stretch but I have experienced something like this on my work laptop before. It tends to happen when I have many applications up and stacked on top of each other in the same window my terminal is. Even though the text is getting highlighted in the terminal, the click board doesn't end up with anything in it kinda like if one of the other windows was mysteriously between your mouse and the terminal window. What made it work for me is minimizing all the applications at once by doing the mouse shake. Sorry about the not so scientific answer.