Ubuntu – Reverting from emacs keybindings in chrome


I enabled emacs keybindings as an experiment using gconftool-2 and setting /desktop/gnome/interface/gtk_key_theme to Emacs. I wasn't happy with it and set it back to Default.

jeff@london:~ $ gconftool-2 --get /desktop/gnome/interface/gtk_key_theme
jeff@london:~ $ 

But chrome continues to interpret keybindings as emacs. C-a goes to beginning of line rather than selecting all, C-k kills current line rather than beginning a web search, etc.

I find plenty of references online on how to set emacs bindings, but removing them again is proving harder. Any suggestions on what to look for? (It is possible, of course, that I did something or that something happened beyond the gconftool-2 setting.)

Best Answer

I've documented this in bug 985834.

The heart of the resolution is this:

This was not, in the end, a chromium-browser problem but a gnome problem. Oddly, gconftool showed the problem fixed when it wasn't. But gnome-tweak-tool showed the key bindings still to be emacs, and changing that back to Default fixed the problem immediately.