Firefox – Emacs Keybindings for Textboxes


I'm so used to emacs that sometimes, when I'm typing something in a textbox in firefox, I sometimes try and do C-p to move up a line. It is seriously annoying to have to cancel a print dialog box every time I try and move about my text. If it's not horrendously complicated, I'd like to have keybindings that emulate emacs inside textboxes in firefox…

Obviously, I wouldn't need all the keybindings, but movement, marking, killing and yanking would be useful.

Is this an insane request?

Best Answer

Is this an insane request?

No! :-)

You can install the Firemacs addon to get emacs keybindings in Firefox:

alt text

There's also a rather technical article on MozillaZine on how to enable Emacs-style key bindings for Firefox via GTK. Both work very well, but I recommend the extension since it's so easy to install.

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