Ubuntu – Remove nvidia graphics card and use integrated intel graphics

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I have a desktop ubuntu 14.04 system that has an nvidia graphics card and intel graphics on the motherboard. I Want to remove the nvidia card from the system and use only the intel graphics. The system is currently running the nvidia 3.41 driver. I'm new to linux and need help with the steps I have to take to switch over to the intel integrated graphics. Any help greatly appreciated.

Best Answer

If you don't want to install any extra packages, switching between the nVidia GPU (Performance Mode) and the Intel GPU (Power Saving Mode) could be achieved by using the NVIDIA X Server Settings, which has already been installed along with your driver.

First thing you will need to do is to find the NVIDIA X Server Settings application from your dash: NVIDIA X Server Settings

And go to the PRIME Profiles page PRIME Profiles

From there, after entering your password you will be able to switch between your GPUs: Enter password

The last step is to log out, and it's done! logout prompt