Ubuntu – Nvidia driver activated but currently not in use


I have just finished an install of ubuntu 11.04 beta 2. At the end of the installation I got a message informing that I do not have the required hardware for unity, and that I should choose "ubuntu classic".

Could someone please shed some light on how to fix this? I have tried adding the "experimental 3d xyz" driver but still no luck. When I log out and try log back in there is no option for unity.

My graphics card is an nvidia 240gt or gt240, I cant remember now which way around it goes.

I enabled "experimental 3d support for nvidia cards" – this is what I was reffering to above, not a driver – sorry about that.

Experimental 3d support

Best Answer

There is bugs reports for this issue at launchpad: jockey/+bug/771788 e nvidia-graphics-drivers-173/+bug/772207. Add your card details then mark it to report that you have the issue. Hopefully, it will be fixed soon!