Ubuntu – How well do ATI drivers work with Unity


I have an ATI 4650 graphics card. And when i install the proprietary driver – there are glitches and blackness all over the screen. I've also read somewhere that ati cards don't work with 11.04 yet. Is it true? When will i be able to test 11.04 then?

By not working i mean – Unity doesn't work.
The classic gnome shell works fine.

Best Answer

The open driver work from the archive (that gets set up by default) generally works on my ATI Fusion-based laptop. It's decently fast but not as fast as fglrx.

The fglrx drivers in the archive were faster, but would freeze my laptop once every few hours. The Catalyst 11.4 drivers that I manually installed from their website are the fastest and I've had no crashes yet.

Some people are reporting that disabling vsync has helped them:

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