Windows Not in Boot Menu – Fix for New Ubuntu 12.10 Install


I just installed Ubuntu 12.10 on my new computer alongside my previous Windows 7 installation. Upon booting for the first time (post install) my boot menu only lists Ubuntu.

I installed using a liveCD, I had to set up my partitions myself because my Windows wasn't being detected (I set up the new partition out of free space on the drive.). I know Ubuntu did not overwrite my Windows because I can mount the Windows drive and access the files from here.

I also tried running boot-repair, as was recommended for people who didn't have Ubuntu showing up in the menu, but now I just have two different Ubuntu options. Still no Windows.

(If you require any additional data [logs, etc.], could you tell me how to find it, I am a bit new to this.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Best Answer

The Boot Repair option worked perfectly for me. Installed 12.10 after windows 8, the install did not recognize win8, using the boot repair utility found the windows partition and successfully added it.

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