Ubuntu – Dual Boot Windows 8 with Ubuntu 12.10


This is my First time so please help

Steps I Followed :

  • Install windows 8 pro with media center
    On my asus k55vm, i7 ,8gb.

  • Windows boots fine and is in perfect condition.

  • Booted into Ubuntu live USB and installed ( it detected windows, installed alongside windows 8 with recommended setting )

  • Installed perfectly. Rebooted, but no option to select Ubuntu, just loads into windows 8 without any option, tried boot repair and no use.

Please Help , tried many tutorials to no use , heard about easybcd also , any help ?

Best Answer

This issue is to do with UEFI. In Windows 8 on the start screen, type in "msconfig" (without the quotes) and in the boot tab, see if Ubuntu is listed. If it is, select the entry by highlighting it and click on "Set as default". This should hopefully load the Ubuntu bootloader instead of Windows' boot menu allowing you you boot into Ubuntu.

Also, from the start screen type in "uefi" and in the settings option on the seach charm, click on "Advanced start up options", click on it. Scroll down to the bottom of the entry and under "Advanced start up", click Restart now. You should now have an option to change the boot order.

Hope this works!


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