Ubuntu – network-manager crashes


My networking was working fine yesterday. I shut down, went to bed, and when I booted up this morning it won't even talk to the router; network-manager crashes.

I was wondering how to upgrade packages when it can't connect to the internet. My Ubuntu 15.10 laptop (this machine) connects to the internet through the same router just fine. Some of the error report:


NetworkManager crashed with SIGSEGV in nm_netlink_monitor_attach()

Unreportable reason

  You have some obsolete package versions installed.
  Please upgrade the following packages and check if the problem still occurs:

  network-manager, libnm-glib-vpn1, libnm-glib4, libnm-util2, network-manager

Best Answer

I had the same problem today. I had to setup the connection manually via command line to get to the internet and then I upgraded Ubuntu. After the upgrade it works fine. If you have DHCP on your router and using the cable, just type the following two commands:

sudo ifconfig eth0 up
sudo dhclient

It helped me to connect to the inernet and to update Ubuntu. After the update it works as yesterday. I have no idea why this happened.

I am not sure how to do it if you use WiFi. I am not sure replacing eth0 with wlan0 will work. If you use WiFi password protection, the procedure to connect via command line is more complicated. Some pointers in this case: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/92799/connecting-to-wifi-network-through-command-line, https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/90778/how-to-bring-up-a-wi-fi-interface-from-a-command-line

You can also try to download packages to another computer and transfer them to your laptop and install them there. Here are the instructions how to install updates without internet connection: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingSoftware#Installing_packages_without_an_Internet_connection

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